Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Case of Ernie Go

Subject: My husband’s experience at Marikina Valley Hospital

My husband Ernie Go had his surgery on his gallbladder stone last May 29, 2007 by a surgeon doctor at Marikina Valley Hospital. That was the first time my husband and I met him. He was discharge the next day. But my husband experienced stomach pains after the operation. We went back to the doctor to complain about the pain. The doctor said that sometimes patient experience pain for 1 week. So the doctor gave medicine to take for stomach pain. But the pain was getting stronger, until my husband decided to have ultra sound last September 29, 2007.

Doctor from NKTI was the one who made the ultra sound and he saw a mass in his pancreas, and the size was 3.75 cm. The Doctor requested my husband to have a biopsy. In short he had biopsy last October 3, 2007 at National Kidney Transplant Institute, and we got the result October 10, 2007 with malignant cancer in pancreas with liver metastases. So it was stage 4. We went to our family doctor at Medical City to show the result of the biopsy. Our family doctor told us that the tumor should have been seen at the time of his surgery last May. The 3 doctors who handled when my husband was hospitalized at National Kidney Transplant Institute last November 19, 2007, also told us that the tumor was there when he had a surgery last May 2007.

My question is: why the surgeon doctor at Marikina Valley Hospital who did my husband’s surgery did not see that there was a mass, when he had his ultra sound before the surgery (Galbladder), and why he did not see that there was a mass in his pancreas in time of surgery? The pancreas is very near to our Galbladder.

My husband died last December 18, 2007. It was very fast and painful for me and my kids.

The lesson I've learned from this, is we have to be sure of the doctors specially a surgeon and have a second, third opinion from other doctors. I wrote this not to accuse the doctor who had my husband’s surgery, but to remind the hospitals and doctors to be more careful and sure in what they are doing because the life of a person is in their hands.

Lynda Karl Go <lyndakarlgo@yahoo.com>


Shierds said...

That's the problem of their Surgeons and Doctors there..., their intent to gain profit from practicing medicine intervenes with what must be truly be done in such cases. If only there's a hospital that is Christ-centered, fair and just, then many lives would be saved.

johan said...

There are a number of circumstances in which it can clearly be argued that a medical professional has breached his or her duty of care. These include:
* Erroneously or belatedly diagnosing illness or injury
* Failure to take action following test results
* Mistake in performance of an operation or procedure
* Error in administration of medication
* Sub-standard follow up care
* Failure to advise a patient of the risks associated with procedures prior to their administration.
(medical malpractice)

Helen said...

I heard more than 20 patients died in that hospital and my son were one of them due to negligence and medical malpractice.

And mind you this hospital only looks good in the facade but the beds I can say are sub-standard with the whoooping medical bills!!

Emilio Penaranda said...