Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Korina Sanchez' Advocacy

This is Korina Sanchez and this is my advocacy.

If you wish to be heard more, make a difference by joining the People's Health Watch, which I founded in Metro Manila. There is an original active group from Cebu with which we are affiliated. We have been actively pursuing this in Congress for legislation and have moved forward by leaps and bounds. Still, the final step of legislation is elusive.

As a stop-gap measure we are about to sign a MOA with the Philippine Medical Association on the Patients' Right and Obligations Campaign. This means we need volunteers, we need funding, we need membership and a louder voice ---- to save lives from malpractice and negligence also due to the patients' lack of participation in what doctors do to our bodies.

If you are interested to commit please email me back: korina sanchez korina_abs@yahoo.com

Thanks and best regards.


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