Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sons of Ramon Castillo

From: Ramon Castillo

To: 'Riza Mantaring' rizagm@pldtdsl.net

Riza , I have 2 stories to tell as well about the incompetence and possibly greed of St. Luke's. You may pass them on if you want.

Story Number 1

My son broke his arm during our vacation to the province so we brought him to the hospital and have his arm xrayed and casted. 3 weeks later, when we went back to Manila, we have the arm check in St. Lukes even when my son was claiming that its okay.

When the doctor came in, we told him the story how our son broke his arm 3 weeks ago. Without batting an eyelash, without checking the xray, without even touching my son's arm, the doctor told my wife to prepare 200K for a surgery scheduled the next day to put a metal pin inside his arm.

My wife panicked and called me, so i told her to ask for a second opinion from another doctor. So my wife brought my son to another doctor in National Orthopedic. The doctor xrayed my son's arm and commented that he can barely see where the fracture occured because the arm is almost completely healed. He said that the arm is okay and told my wife and son to go home. Up to now 5 years later, my son has never complained about his broken arm. In his latest xray even an expert can't find out that he ever exprienced a broken arm. It is completely healed.

Story Number 2

My other son complained of a severe abdominal pain.

All battery of tests where given (kidney, liver, gall bladder, intestines) . They can't find whats wrong with him. We have already spent more P100k after 3 days stay in St lukes. The doctor ordered another battery of tests focusing on his heart. The tests including the consultants would cost us another P80K. I complained because I don't see the connection between abdominal pains and cardio tests. I consulted a classmate who is a renowned cardiologists about the matter. he laughed and told me to bring my son home. We brought our son home 5 days after confinement and P120k poorer without even finding out what was wrong with him.

Pray that your children don't get sick when it is almost summer. The Doctors in St. Lukes need the funds for their vacations abroad. :-)

mon c.
Mon, you may want to read this.

One of my son's best friends also died recently because of the incompetence of St. Luke's personnel -- he was only 21, was running for summa cum laude (UP Mech Eng), highly athletic (former varsity), very well loved by his friends because he was really such a great guy.


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