Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marlon Tuason-Tronqued's Traumatic Experience

Yes, thank you very much for this life-saving feedback on Jessie regarding St Luke's. Please do seriously regard this last account. You know what kind of trauma I had gone through due to St. Luke's Medical Center's misdiagnosis of my own son's condition.

Let me recount 9 years back when my son, Marlon Tuason-Tronqued who was 9 years old then, was brought in on April 26, 1999 at 2:00AM into the ER of St Luke's for what was initially diagnosed then as acute appendicitis by the resident doctor. My son was asked to check in and we had to wait for a private room to be available and for the senior surgeon to come to the hospital by 0600H. All this time, my son had nothing by mouth and was in extreme pain. Benjamin Gaddi was the surgeon assigned to him. Suffice it to say that he was trying to rule out viral fever and said surgeon opted not to operate until my son started to exhibit signs of being in severe shock (low pulse and bp).

A decision was made to do explore-laparotomy (in lieu of what would just have been a side incision for appendectomy) only by 9:25PM, a good 18 hours AFTER the boy was brought into this hospital's confines. By then, his appendix had ruptured. He was in ICU for 5 days and in hospital care for another 7.

Marlon had intestinal adhesions (peritoneal lavage had to be performed to clean out the poisoning caused by the appendix rupturing) in the 5 months that followed. The doctor in question never followed up with us as to his condition. Dr Reyes, Asst Medical Director then, kindly took over the case. I had my own private battle with the hospital then and the painful memories started to rush in upon learning of Jessie's case. My heart reaches out to the grieving family of Jessie. I know so. Recalling my son's close brush with death every time causes me a sharp physical chest pain.

Marlon's schooling and athletics suffered greatly. And I as his mom and caregiver in all of the months which ensured had to leave the employment of Peninsula Manila to look after him.

I thank the Lord for looking after my son who is completely healed. He's 18 now.

My best wishes to everyone for the new year.

Mitzi T. Tronqued

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