Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Son of Aurora Yao

From: george yap gyyap@yahoo.com

I would like to share a similar incident regarding the son of my colleague, Aurora Yao, in Sunlife. Her son's name was Garrick. He was 21 yrs old. He studied in Xavier and UP and was academically endowed. He was maintaining a MAGNA CUM LAUDE standing and was aspiring to be a SUMMA CUM LAUDE.

He was well into sports as he played good badminton, etc. Extracurriculars in frisbee and guitar playing could have been avocations.

In one swimming party, Garrick dove into a swimming pool , missed the part he was aiming for, and hit his head suffering from some spine injury. He was brought and confined at the Asian Hospital. His mom and dad had to travel all the way from Damar Village in QC everyday to Alabang to visit and check on Garrick. Because of this, they decided to move him to St. Luke's after about almost a months confinement. After about a week being in St. Luke's, Aurora was told that he was out of danger. The following day, Garrick died. I don't know the details as I have been quite busy. This happened in October, our company's final sales drive for the year. Not so long ago, about 11 years, Aurora also lost a daughter to cancer. And sakit.
Take care and may God bless us all.

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c said...

please be advised of the following corrections, which are very impt

Garrick was 21 years old, he HAD NOT GRADUATED YET, and was currently maintaing a MAGNA CUM LAUDE STANDING, he was aspiring to be a SUMMA CUM LAUDE

please omit the part where the reason he and his friends were celebrating was because he passed with flying colors, as this is also not credibly true


Garrick DID NOT dive into a swimming pool half filled with water, he dove into a swimming pool completely filled and missed the area he was aiming for, resulting in his diving into the shallow part and hurting his neck

that is it so far, if you would like to verify my story, please do so by emailing me and i will share some private files that i am currently keeping private for now for legal reasons

Christopher Ng

(please do not email me through my google account as it is seldom used)